Guide: Home Buying or Selling During COVID-19

We are committed to safely assisting home buyers and sellers during the midst of this pandemic and we are here for you.


As the pandemic took hold, new restrictions on American life, a plunging financial market, and uncertainty about the future have impacted just about every corner of our lives and the real estate industry is not immune.

If you are buying, selling or planning a move we are sure you have questions. In this
guide, we will shed light on what you should be thinking about and what you can expect in what will continue to be a chaotic time period in the housing market.

We will specifically address and answer the following questions:

• What is the current state of the market?

• Is now the time to get a deal? Where can I find deals?

• What changes should I be aware of related to the transaction process?

• What are the key considerations for buyers and sellers?

• How can I make the best of this time if I’m not quite ready to buy or sell?

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