Selling Guide

Let us assist you with prioritizing what needs to be done with preparing your home for sale. From plumbers to painters we can connect you with any contractors or service providers that you may need to get your home in perfect condition for the market. Below is a checklist to help get you started for what you need to do.

Getting your home into perfect condition for sale is very important to appeal to the masses. Arranging your furniture so that it shows best can really help buyers see its true value and its layout at its best function. This may not be as you currently use it day-to-day so be prepared to make some recommended adjustments.

Keeping your home in perfect and clean condition throughout the entire marketing process is important. Aside from taking photos, broker tours and open houses, showings can be requested with shorter notice. Freshen up any older paint, repair any worn areas and remedying any deferred maintenance will help your home show off its best.

The Exterior
The exterior of your home is the first and the last thing all visiting buyers will see. Be sure your landscaping is well maintained and front doors are painted fresh and are inviting. Make a great first impression and lasting one that they can take with them when they leave.

Determining Price
Every home is unique which means pricing it will be determined by many factors. Allow our market knowledge and expertise to assist you by providing current comps as we consider the different attributes that your home has. You will typically get the most amount of traffic in the first two to three weeks so having your home presented perfectly from condition to price will help you reap the benefits of these interested buyers.